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Property Tax Appraisals

Have you taken a look at your 2013 property-tax appraisal yet?  If not, now would be a good time to do it – you only have until the end of this month (May) to file a request for protest!


We’ve all been lulled into a false sense of “security” the past 4-5 years with declining property-tax appraisals.  Now it’s all changing and the market – and tax appraisals – are again on the rise – with a vengeance! 


Texas law allows a property owner the opportunity to protest their appraised value.  You can do that in one of three ways: 1) schedule a formal protest meeting with your central appraisal district; 2) file a formal protest online (if your district offers that capability); or 3) engage a professional firm to be your advocate and manage the process for you. 

I’m a big fan of Option 3.  We have access to several really outstanding firms in the greater Houston area who have excellent credentials.  I can’t mention them by name here, but if you happened to call me or send me an e-mail . . .

The key is filing the request for a hearing before the May 31 deadline.  Why not put that on your list right now?  Better yet, go to your appraisal district’s web site and see if you can start the process online.

There now . . . don’t you feel better already?!?