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Should My Realtor Attend Inspections?

I ran across an interesting dialogue a few days ago about the Realtor’s involvement in the inspection process – should the Realtor be present during inspections or not?  There were pretty good arguments on both sides, particularly from the perspective of liability.  Virtually everything a Realtor does is subject to someone’s liability scrutiny, and that argument seems a little weak to me. 


In my humble opinion, yes, your Realtor should be there – at least for part of the time the inspector(s) is/are present on the property.  It’s one thing to read a long, detailed report from the inspector; it’s another thing entirely to be there and avail yourself of the opportunity to pick up on those little nuances that might be critical in negotiating repairs and treatments later on. 


I recall an interesting conversation in which I participated several years ago with a number of “seasoned” (20+ years’ experience) Realtors.  I was astounded at the number of them who proudly stated they had never attended a single inspection over the years and didn’t intend to start doing that!  Really?  Is that the best way to offer value to your client?  I don’t think so. 


If you’re representing buyers who don’t really understand the basics of home construction or mechanical equipment (water heaters, HVAC system, etc.) and YOU don’t understand those issues, how effective are you going to be as their advocate when it comes time to negotiate repairs and treatments?  I don’t profess to be a construction expert, but I’ve learned enough over the years to be an effective advocate and help my buyers separate the minor issues from the major ones.  Not knowing the difference could cost a buyer thousands of dollars in unnecessarily overlooked repairs or treatments.


So – there’s my two-cents’ worth on this.  What do YOU think?